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UX Design | UI Design

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About the Product 

A motivator who supports budding entrepreneurs and new businesses turned to Ogee to help create an end-to-end user experience for a collaborative platform.


4 months


UX Lead & UI Designer


Bhumika Dugad (Me)

Tejasvi Shiv

Design Process

UX Research, User Insights, UX Design, Prototype, User Testing


Adobe XD, Jira

Mission Statement

Create an end-to-end user experience for a collaborative platform. The intuitive platform provides an association between four different roles i.e. entrepreneur, investor, mentor and service provider. The design solution is mainly focused on easy collaboration and sharing of business ideas to make the process convenient


Complexity of collaboration and information sharing among the different roles (entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and service providers) within the platform. Users may struggle to find relevant connections, share business ideas securely, and access investment opportunities efficiently due to the lack of streamlined communication channels and organization.


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Customizable Profiles

Users can create detailed profiles showcasing their expertise, interests, and past experiences, enabling better connections and networking within the platform.

Secure Document Sharing

The platform offers a secure environment for sharing business documents, contracts, and proposals among users, ensuring confidentiality and privacy.

Personalized Recommendations

Algorithms, the platform provides personalized recommendations for potential collaborations, investment opportunities, and mentorship based on users' preferences and past interactions.

Task Management

Users can create and assign tasks to each other, facilitating project coordination and progress tracking within teams.

Maturity Assessment Questions

These questions to achieve an app's business and product goals typically revolve around evaluating its performance, functionality, user experience, and overall effectiveness.


Design Process

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Who are the Users?

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In the big and dynamic world of entrepreneurship, this collaborative platform serves as a vital hub for various stakeholders to connect, share ideas, and propel innovation.

This platform helps brings together entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and service providers, each playing a unique role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

User Persona

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User Insights

Ravi Singhania (Investor)

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Sarah Miller (Entrepreneur)

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Key Findings


Brainstorming & Sketches

Created several initial sketches for the dashboard design to determine the essential components and emphasize progressive disclosure. These sketches allow us to explore various layout options and refine the user interface to ensure optimal usability and clarity. 


MoSCoW Method

Through the process, we narrowed down the "Must-Haves" that are supported by our research, insights and back-end development resources.


Information Architecture

Crafted an Information Architecture (IA) tailored to accommodate the needs of all four user:

-Established clear pathways and connections between these roles to facilitate seamless interaction.

-Simplified navigation throughout the platform, ensuring that users can easily access relevant features

-Prioritized clarity and intuitive design to enhance user experience and minimize confusion.

-Conducted user testing and feedback sessions to refine the IA and ensure it effectively supports all user roles.

Information Architecture.png

*CHub: Collaboration Hub



The entrepreneurial aspect of the app is comprehensive, encompassing interactions with various roles.

Entrepreneurs play a central role as primary users, engaging with recommendations and collaborating with investors.

They seek guidance from mentors and utilize services provided through the app.

Service Provider Comparison
Profile Creation


The investor holds the second most significant position, assessing potential entrepreneur profiles and companies before collaborating.

They actively seek out mentors to gain insights into investment opportunities and stay informed about current trends and news in the industry.

Collaborating with entrepreneurs, they contribute to shaping the future of projects and ventures.

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A mentor helps investors and entrepreneurs to make the right decision. They keep their calendar handy to check for appointments.

Also, they keep up to date by reading different blogs, writing blogs and attending different events

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