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AI Cybersecurity

UX Design | UI Design

About the Product 

A leading provider of AI driven Threat Detection and Response for hybrid & multi-cloud enterprises called upon to re-design an user experience for their security platform with a goal of intuitive and viable usage.


4 months


UX Designer & UI Designer


Bhumika Dugad (Me)

Tejasvi Shiv

Chaitrali Dhole (Manager)

Stephen Flamm (CEO)

Design Process

UX Research, User Insights,

Business Object Model, UX

Design, Prototype


Figma, Confluence & Jira

Mission Statement

The designs included a web application and an end-to-end prototype for optimal understanding. In addition to creating a new-generation application, we focused on designing a Business Object Model for clear visibility. The solutions provide designs for easy management of groups, configure various settings and email varied comprehensive reports to the users

Product Goals

Streamlined Navigation
Simplify user flows for security professionals across hybrid and multi-cloud setups

Intuitive Interaction
Implement intuitive design principles to enable swift action with AI-driven features

Optimized Interface
Prioritize critical alerts and actionable insights, empowering users to manage security incidents.

Business Goals

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Increased Market Penetration
Targeting multi-cloud enterprises seeking enhanced threat detection & response solutions.

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Revenue Growth
Acquisition of new clients and retention of existing by offering an effective security platform

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Competitive Differentiation
Delivering superior user experience and AI-driven capabilities

Business Object Model_v2.png
  1. Clarify Business Concepts

  2. Standardize Terminology

  3. Guide Software Design

  4. Promote Reusability

  5. Support Version Management

Business Object Model

Marble Surface

The Users


System Admin

Senior Analyst

Junior Analyst

Role of Users

Junior Analyst

Monitoring security alerts and incidents generated by AI-driven threat detection systems.

Assisting in the analysis of potential security threats and vulnerabilities.

Senior Analyst

Lead and oversee cybersecurity operations, including incident response, threat detection, and vulnerability management.

Develop and implement cybersecurity strategies.

System Admin

Managing and maintaining the infrastructure supporting AI-driven threat detection systems.

Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting security software and hardware.

User Insights

Need for Centralized Monitoring

Require a centralized platform to monitor security threats across hybrid and multi-cloud environments efficiently.
Intuitive interfaces that allow them to quickly identify and respond to potential security incidents.

Actionable Insights

Actionable insights that help them prioritize and address critical security threats effectively.
User-friendly interfaces that provide clear, actionable guidance on how to respond to security incidents in real time.

Customization and Flexibility

Value customization options that align with their unique security requirements and workflows.
Prefer flexible interfaces that enable them to tailor settings, alerts, and reporting parameters to suit their preferences.

Integration and Compatibility

Prioritize seamless integration with existing security tools and systems to streamline operations.
Support interoperability across various cloud platforms and security solutions, facilitating a cohesive security strategy.

User Journey Map



Rough Sketching

Outlined several concepts for representing the data visualizations to help users better grasp the information.

The ultimate aim is to empower users to extract meaningful insights from the data with minimal effort, fostering a more engaging and rewarding user experience.

Concept Generation

Goal is to enhance user understanding and facilitate the interpretation of complex data sets through intuitive and effective visual representations.

Explored various design elements, such as colour schemes, chart types, and interactive features, to create a visually appealing and informative experience for our users.

Group 1024.png

High-Fidelity Mockups


Old Version:

Report that consists solely of text, encompassing all the relevant data without any visual elements.

New Version:

The report incorporates a range of visualizations that help facilitate the comprehension of data, accompanied by colour-coded indicators to signify the severity levels of threats.

Colour Coding
Group_Wirefarme 1.png
Data Visualisation
Entity-specific data visualization.
Dynamic Table Format


As a customer administrator

- Adjust the default prioritization cut-line to increase or decrease the number of prioritized entities received.

- Allows to manage workload or address perceived business risk.

- View the anticipated number of prioritized entities across all impact levels when modifying the cut-line.

Design Considerations

- Configuration of Priority
- Distribution of scoring is not obvious which entities/events are going to be affected by the threshold changing
- Should colours be reflected here too?

Recommended: Slider to change threshold


OPTION 2: Priority Score Threshold input box as basic search attribute



Data Visualisation

The single entity page displays the assets' priority score on various dates, the corresponding number of detections, and its other information.

OPTION: Vertical Layout to show priority  score.

Single 2.png

OPTION 2: Horizontal layout and information without layouts


Old Version
The email alerts lacked proper segregation, often presenting information in lengthy paragraphs without clear distinction.

New Version
- Utilise
formatting techniques such as bullet points or numbered lists to organize information into distinct sections.
Headers or bold text for important points can help readers quickly identify key details.
- Breaking up lengthy paragraphs into
shorter, concise sentences.

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You've excelled! From crafting the Business Object Model to developing the prototype, your attention to detail shines through. Looking forward to the possibility of collaborating again in the future.

Director of UX, USA


Blockchain Technology

User Experience Lead | UI Designer

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