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About the Product 

A production manager who is known for his work in various famous movies and TV shows, engaged with Ogee Studio to provide a seamless user experience for production houses and resource suppliers. It involves easy creation of bookings and scheduling.


1 Year


UX Lead Designer & UI Designer


Bhumika Dugad (Me)

Aryan Gulati

Jay Paghdar

Design Process

UX Research, User Interviews, User Insights, Wireframes, User Testing


Figma & Confluence 

Camera Books

Mission Statement

The designs included a web application and an end-to-end prototype for optimal understanding. The solution provides the ability to create detailed bookings involving scheduling, booking items, production information and much more. Moreover, the designs allow the users to view the timeline to find conflicting bookings or free slots. The cutting-edge designs not only reduce the no. of clicks on the product but also reduce the overall complexity of the navigation system. The design simplifies the process starting from planning to budgeting a creative project.

Product Goals

Cutting Edge Design
Reduces the number of clicks and the complexity of navigation system of the application.


The seamless design helped users with easy navigation and progressive disclosure of various information

Optimized Interface
Proper layouts are used according to the amount of content involved and the information that needs to be shown upfront.

Business Goals

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Differentiate the app from competitors by offering a seamless user experience and comprehensive project management capabilities.

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Client Acquisition
Attract production houses and resource suppliers as clients by offering a user-friendly and efficient platform.

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Industry Influence
Gain recognition and credibility within the film and television industry as a trusted provider of production management solutions.

Scope of Work

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Below is a competitive matrix chart outlining the features of Movie Magic Budgeting 7, Movie Magic Scheduling, Excel, and IMDB. The information is compiled through primary research, interviews, and secondary research involving website analysis.

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Interview Participants


User Interview

Conducted an online interview with the VP of Post Production and Virtual Production consultant to understand their current way of performing various tasks and figuring out the areas of improvement by consolidating all the insights.

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User Insights

Through interviews with a Production Manager and Production Executive, we gain valuable insights into their preferences, challenges, and expectations regarding production management software, including popular solutions like Movie Magic Budgeting 7, Movie Magic Scheduling, Excel, and IMDB.

Budgeting and Scheduling Integration


They express a preference for tools that offer comprehensive solutions for both aspects of production management.

Industry Standards Compliance


They express a preference for tools that offer comprehensive solutions for both aspects of production management.

Software that adheres to industry standards.They prioritize tools that are widely used and accepted within the film and television industry.

Customization and Flexibility


Customization and flexibility to accommodate the unique requirements of each production. They appreciate tools that offer customizable reporting and adaptable workflows.

Cost Effective.png


While acknowledging the importance of robust features, they also prioritize affordability and scalability in production management software.


Information Architecture

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User Journey Map

User Journey.png
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We chose an orange and blue moodboard for this app to evoke specific emotions and associations:

Blue for Trust and Professionalism (Primary):

- Conveys trust, reliability, and professionalism.

- Instills confidence and stability in users.

Orange for Creativity and Energy (Secondary):

- Inspires creativity, innovation, and energy.

- Reflects passion and excitement inherent in production.

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The chart displays various typography styles utilized in the app, along with their respective information and usage. 

By adhering to a Google font selection, we:

-Ensure seamless compatibility across various devices and platforms

- Enhance the user experience.

- Facilitates consistent branding and readability throughout the app's interface,

- Fosters a cohesive and professional design aesthetic.


Color Style

This colour chart provides a comprehensive overview of the colours, including their names, hues, and tints utilized within the application's design system.

It specifies where each colour is employed in the application and how it is named in the style sheet.


This ensures clarity and consistency in using colours throughout the user interface, facilitating efficient communication and collaboration among designers and developers.

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Design System.png

Design System

Established a library of reusable components for developers as a reference,

- Ensuring consistency across screens,

- Setting clear standards

- Reducing redundancy.


Brainstorming & Sketching

During our collaborative brainstorming session involving everyone in the office, I sketched multiple ideas aimed at effectively depicting a Timeline within the application.


This Timeline serves to showcase all bookings, providing essential details such as their status, dates, and types.


By exploring diverse concepts, we aimed to create a visually appealing and intuitive representation that enhances the user experience.


Concept Generation

We endeavoured to develop alternative concepts for the timeline, departing from conventional calendar designs. Our exploration involved diverse approaches, yet user testing revealed that users struggled to adapt to these expansive concepts.


Episode 1 

It involves easy creation of bookings and scheduling. The solution provides the ability to create detailed bookings involving scheduling, booking items, etc. Moreover, the designs allow the users to view the timeline to find conflicting bookings or free slots.
In addition to managing various bookings, the design lets the user schedule various events based on extensive filters.

Concept 2.png

Episode 2

Emphasis was placed on creating productions using either a variety of templates or existing production templates.

Allowed for the viewing of detailed profiles of various individuals, encompassing user details and past production history, facilitating connections with like-minded individuals across the platform.

Extensive calendar feature for viewing various productions, booking items, and associated resources.

Concept 2.png


- Offers an extensive marketplace with various resources categorized by facilities, equipment, crew, and services.

- Detailed information and past usage history are provided for each resource.

- Users can purchase resources from the marketplace or add them to their shortlists for future reference.

- Shortlists can be shared with the public or within the organization, promoting collaboration.

- This design benefits both users and suppliers, enhancing efficiency in resource procurement.

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We appreciate your adherence to the Design System and your consistent support of the developers whenever assistance was required.Thank you for your contribution!

Chief Technology Officer, USA

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User Experience Lead | UI Designer

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