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My Work

This section showcases projects undertaken during my undergraduate studies as a product designer, freelance work for various companies, and projects completed as part of my Master's program in Design Innovation Management.


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Design Identity

Aim: The purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate an understanding of the complex interplay between identity and culture within a relevant space design context.

Assessment: This case study critically delves into the architectural landscape of a historic and iconic departmental store named Liberty London. By journeying through this space, this case study aims to unravel the layers of intersectionality within the scope of architecture.


Service Design Strategy


Aim: Our mission is simple, to make adventure a global force for good, which is enshrined in everything we do, with our challenges being good for the individual, good for charity, good for the planet and good for society.

Assessment: Conduct detailed market research and use multiple research tools to better understand the corporate business segment's needs and preferences for charity challenges. Propose strategies to scale our business sustainably expand beyond the UK market and enhancing engagement

Sustainability Led Organisation

Aim: The map will showcase and describe an organisation across these three aspects- governance and leadership, organisational structure, and organisational narratives to sustainability.

Assessment: Poster and case study that shows how any service organisation addresses your sustainability-led approach through governance and leadership, organizational structures, and organisational narratives.


Design Identity

Aim: You are required to design an experience for an organisation within a particular sector of interest. For this you will create a video that tells a story about the experience.

Goal: Our goal has been to deliver a tailored experience that resonates both with the chosen organisation and user persona. We chose Cakes & Bubbles, the famous London dessert shop as the subject of our research. The assessment consists of video and case study.


Female Deodrant Packaging

Designed packaging for a roll-on deodorant and applied the principles of the design thinking process throughout the development.


Culturally Inspired Product

Redesigning a set of bathroom accessories with inspiration from the North East Indian cultural elements including the form, color, texture, material etc. 

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FREELANCE WORK: WeDeliver, London


Flyer Design

Flyer design for WeDeliver, a startup based in London. The flyers feature festive content, new partnerships, business expansion and other exciting updates. These designs are tailored for social media platforms like LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Email Design

Email crafted to notify the customer base of WeDeliver's recent collaborations with exciting brands spanning diverse categories like food, tea, skin care and many more.


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